Professor S'Quirell' is in the House ! ;-)

Nope. this post is not about Harry Potter. I did that S'Quirrel' trick just to attract potter fans out there to come visit my blog.. ;-) . You have been trolled.

However, what i want to share with you is truly a great experience that i recently had. Its about a 7 day old baby squirrel that fell off of our coconut tree.

9000 Kilometers, 18 Months review of the 2012 Suzuki GS150R(The-Chill-Pill)

This was my official Entry to the Bikeadvice 12th Ownership review Contest. :-) Written with a primary intent of helping fellow consumers to make their decision and also to maybe win an awesome new Helmet or Gloves or tank pad. :-).

The Silver Jubilee Celebrations - Birthday 2013

25 years of existence sounds small probably when u compare it against the bazillion years the Universe around us has existed. This was my general opinion as my 25th birthday loomed ever closer. For some reason i was not excited that my birthday was at hand. It is just another day after all, i thought. People would wish, Family would give me all thier love and attention and gifts as they do daily and the routine stuff of course.

Anyone would agree with me probably. After all its just a reminder that the earth has gone round a few times since the White Stork brought me to my family. Right?

Wrong !

I realized later why it is so special. From Multiple Perspectives.