5K badge achieved ! 10K badge Unlocked.

Hello World ! So in my first post this year, i had listed down running the 10K as the first goal for this year, sadly it has not been on the cards for now, but instead a 5K has been successfully managed ! :-)

No ! i dint fasten the bib on my T-shirt using those Pins. This is just a picture of it at my work-place

Thank you. :-)

The reason for change of plans was that I failed my self assessment. My Mind was ready for it, but my body was not, and as i have come to realize, "To keep running, the mind and the body needs to be in sync." (Yeah hear me gloating with a Philosophical tune now. ;) )

The overall experience was very much fulfilling. But more than that, it has humbled and inspired me to do better and prepare myself with even more conviction now.

24th of February 2013. 6 AM to 10 AM. Approximately 6000 People. Men, Women and Children. Ages ranging between 10 years and 77 years of age ran. The focus and Running pace of individuals was a pure and un-adulterated punch of inspiration. A 77 year old person completed the 10k stretch in a little over 45 minutes. Now if that is not an inspiration and reminder to do better, i don't know what is.

The question most of my friends asked me was whether i ran all the way, that is, all of the 5 kilometers. I meant to. However, life intervened at kilometer marking 4 due to a little something called side-stitches and I had to walk for a few meters and then continue running again. Side stitches are the intense and stabbing pain u feel in your chest or abdominal area when u have continuously run beyond your threshold of practice. It feels as though u can no longer breathe, no longer run, just stop and massage your sides till the pain subsides. At least that is what instinct makes you do. This is where having experience comes in handy.
When experiencing the sensations of a side-stitch, one needs to reduce the running pace, and press/massage gently at the area of pain. The pain will subside and you can continue  running and picking up pace thereafter. However, its not a a good idea to repeatedly console side-stitches and they should be taken as a warning.
So, a lesson learnt during a running event. :-) . Still its been a major personal step to have run a 5K event and running with so many people cheering you on has been magical.

A Runner's High was also Experienced ! :-)

And the 5K Badge was achieved ! 10K badge has been unlocked and is going to be achieved sooner than expected. Hopefully, May 2013 at Bangalore. :-)

PS - Thank you to all my friends and family members who wished me on completion of this personal milestone via Facebook. :-) . Much Obliged.


  1. Lovely post. Very inspiring. I want to atleast come to the venue next time you run! That is one of my more achievable resolutions.. :-)

    On another note - loved the new self description of yourself on this blog. People may wonder if one person can do this much. However, I know that it absolutely fits you..Kind of like Karnataka's slogan.."One State, many worlds" !!! :-))

  2. Hi Akka. Thank you so much. :-) it will be great to have you all there. However, running together would be an even better experience for both of us i think.

    I love the way you made a reference to that awesome quote. In my case, "One person, many madness-es" would be more appropriate i guess. :-D.

    Catch u soon Akks. :-) Cheerz.

  3. Love ur new slogan..applies to most of us though!! :-)

    1. Thank you Akka.. :) After all, you provided the base for that quote.. ;-)


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