The Silver Jubilee Celebrations - Birthday 2013

25 years of existence sounds small probably when u compare it against the bazillion years the Universe around us has existed. This was my general opinion as my 25th birthday loomed ever closer. For some reason i was not excited that my birthday was at hand. It is just another day after all, i thought. People would wish, Family would give me all thier love and attention and gifts as they do daily and the routine stuff of course.

Anyone would agree with me probably. After all its just a reminder that the earth has gone round a few times since the White Stork brought me to my family. Right?

Wrong !

I realized later why it is so special. From Multiple Perspectives.

1. Survival of the Fittest - Darwinian Theory of Life
This is probably lame, but it made sense to my mind at this moment. Looking back on school/college days there are a few people in each of our lives where one or two of our classmates have passed on to a better place. With due respect to them, i think I should be thankful that i am still here. Not just breathing, but also experiencing the beauty of life, enjoying the thrill of riding, simply being, enjoying the company of friends and family, spending time with kids, finding someone special to share life with, experiencing the wonder of the new, etc. They all add up. Its almost like winning Life's Jackpot. Yeah, we may complain about everything that is wrong with the world today, but life is still beautiful and guess what ! you and me; we all have been chosen to live it - Best compliments of Sir Charles Darwin.

2. Family

Without a doubt each of us will be aware that each of our lives are a jigsaw puzzle of destiny, pure chance and amazing amount of sacrifices and influences by our Parents and Siblings. Thier sacrifices and individual personalities affects us in ways beyond thinking ability and a part of our personality is shaped by this. It is by living our life and appreciating it that we honor what they have really done for us. And for that i am truly indebted to them beyond a shadow of doubt.

3. Friends
Of Course, after the family, the people who shape us and make us feel special without a gram of doubt are our friends. Some affect us in inspirational ways and some in conspiratorial.
To the Inspirational Friends - Thank you for being there. :-)
To the conspiratorial friends - Thanks to you too, i appreciate being here! :-) 

Regardless, both are important and yeah, you guys and gals are a part the reason for me to be happy to have made it so far.

So, with a realization that I am indeed lucky to have celebrated by Silver Jubilee last month, let me tell you what I received as presents from my Family and Work colleagues.

 My Mom gave me the best possible gift id say; Another day of comfortable existence. :-) She made my favorite dishes and pampered me like she always does and blessed me all the happiness. I also got a new set of Formal Clothes which i must say i absolutely love ! From my Elder Sister, my brother in law and my niece Ananya I got a digital watch with stop clock for my running requirements, an awesome T-Shirt for casual use, lots of love as well as a big hug and kiss from Ananya. :-). My other Elder Sister, Brother in law and my niece Aadhya are currently in the US from where they sent all thier love and a present which was a FILA running shoes and FILA wrist bandfor my Running needs. Thank you Amma, Akka, Chumma, Both my Bhavajis, Ananya and Aadhya for the making me feel special like you all always do. :-)

Running my 5K event 10 days later, was much more comfortable and stylish due to the brand new Running shoes, wrist band and the cool new stop watch. :-)

From my Colleagues, i got an awesome new Hi-fi headset with microphone because they know me for being the kind of Audio nut that i am. :-) . Plus Cake cutting and cream facial. All in all, a memorable day. Thank you guys. I loved it.

My other friends at work place gifted me a Casual wear Shirt. Thank you guys, Your choice has always been working out great for me. :-)

A work friend who had just changed her job ensured that even though she had left, as a birthday gift, i received my favorite Jain sweet dish called 'Katmandige' which is available mostly at Moodabidri. Thank you dear friend for the yummy delicacy :-).

Lats but not the least, to all - Friends and Cousins - who called me, left a facebook message, sent an sms and simply had me in your thoughts and wished me well, I Thank you, from the bottom most part of my heart! :-) . It was indeed a very special day.


  1. Wishing you many more such joyous celebrations in the future:)

    1. Thank you so much again Chumma ! :-) loving them shoes.. running is a much more enjoyable event these days.. :)

  2. Turning 25 is a big milestone! You know what...We were planning to give you 25 gifts in all.. Don't worry they will all be forthcoming during this year and before you turn 26!!!

    Also, we wish that you get your true Valentine's gifts next year, in addition to birthday gifts from the rest of us! ;-)

    1. Akka, in that case at least i am happy to know im getting older meaning i can only get more and more gifts.. :)

      Thank you again for a wonderful and memorable day.. Its really easy now to map my improvements using the watch that u have gifted. :-)

      Well, lets see what next year has in store for us.. ;-). cheers..


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