Professor S'Quirell' is in the House ! ;-)

Nope. this post is not about Harry Potter. I did that S'Quirrel' trick just to attract potter fans out there to come visit my blog.. ;-) . You have been trolled.

However, what i want to share with you is truly a great experience that i recently had. Its about a 7 day old baby squirrel that fell off of our coconut tree.

No, this is not his picture.. ;-)

T'was just another Sunday and we were getting the coconut tree at our home cleaned up. This one person climbed on it like a seasoned pro and dragged and dropped the dried off coconut and branches in record time and was on his way. When clearing the yard of the mess, what we saw left us breathless. At the sidelines off the absolute mess and dust, miraculously still alive and obviously troubled lay an baby mouse like creature writhing. At first we thought it is a mouse. We refrained from touching it thinking its mother may reject it since Humans have touched it. So we gingerly held it on some huge money plant leaves that had been taken of the coconut tree. When we took it onto the leaves, we could clearly make out the three white lines like racing stripes (;-)) on its back. Thus we concluded that it was a Baby Squirrel.

At this point some photos are probably called for, but our mental state was far from clicking pictures of the poor animal, because we were worried how its mother would come get it and leaving it around would provide a bird or cat a fast food. However, to give u an idea of what this baby squirrel looked like, i found a photo online. Its looked exactly like this one.

I have not clicked any pictures yet, but This is exactly what it looked like.

So the wait begins. We pour a few drops of water near its mouth and the dehydrated little animal gratefully lapped it all up. However, it detected that we were not its mother and started letting of a rather shrill sound to alert its real mother. The shock of hearing the sound for the first time almost made me drop the leaf it was on. Thankfully, instantly we were rewarded by the sounds and sight of an adult squirrel responding to the little one's call and jumping about at the top of the tree. We left the baby squirrel and its bed of leaves under the shade of the coconut tree, willing the mother to come down and get her kid. However, over the next hour or so, it was rather disappointing to observe that the mother did not come get the baby. 

And then we took matters into our own hands.

The baby squirrel had been away from its nest for more than 1 and half hours now, probably hungry and cold. And coldness is a big problem for squirrels. Apparently, Squirrels cannot regulate thier body temperature by themselves and need another source. Naturally it is maintained by the temperature of another squirrel or raw activity, but in case of this baby, the hypothermia could result in its death if the temperature was not brought to normal levels soon. So we immediately drove to Animal Care Trust at Shaktinagar, Mangalore. 

On our reaching the shelter, we were disappointed to know that the doctor had just left the for the day, since it was a Sunday. They, however, got in touch with the doctor who asked us to get the baby to her home itself. Fifteen minutes of rather frenzied driving, because everyone other than us was in the mood of using the road as a park, and we were at the Doctor's home. 

Her name is Doctor Lakshmi and she is a Veterinary Surgeon who works at the Animal Care Trust at Mangalore. She immediately started caring for the baby squirrel by putting it in some warm and thick Towels and immediately set about preparing some formula milk and getting the Syringe with a plastic nipple on it. It was very comforting to see the squirrel being fed and tended to just like how our young ones are done. She was wiping its mouth with the excess milk that was coming out of its mouth. We were also told that the squirrel is a Boy. All in all, she was very masterful and it left us in no doubt that the baby squirrel was in good hands. :-) . As a matter of fact, Dr. Lakshmi has so far re-habituated and left in the wild about 200 squirrel kids in-spite of her busy schedule ! I salute her commitment and hard work. :-) 

I have always had a thing for pets, and having a pet squirrel is height of coolness, which i am sure u will agree on. My first impression on seeing the squirrel writhing under the tree, was to care for it as a pet, and as events turned out, i am in that unique position and voiced the same to the good doctor too. Now, caring for a squirrel is not really simple. As said previously, they need warm and dry place, electric heating pads, timely care and feeding, etc. So the doctor has told me she will take care of it gladly for the next few weeks, and then maybe give me a taste of having a squirrel for a pet before letting it off into its natural wild habitat. :-)

Now that it something my Family and myself would totally love. :-) .

On the day after we left the squirrel with her, Dr. Lakshmi sent me an update sms. :)
It read -

The squirrel you left with me yesterday has been named Richard Parker after the tiger in the movie 'Life of Pi'. He has slight loose stools, but i think its because of new milk and should settle soon. Will keep you updated....

So, Welcome to our life Mr. Richard Parker. Looking forward to getting to know you better. :-)


  1. Great work there buddy ... !!
    Glad you saved a poor S'Quirell's life :)

    Keep up the good work..
    Willing to meet Richard parker soon ;)

  2. Thanks Buddy.. :-) yeah.. once he is old enough, you can probably come in for a photo-shoot or something.. :-)

  3. Replies
    1. Totally ! Imagine them holding onto your thumb with their limbs and the tail too manages to curl itself around your finger. Its the epitome of Cuteness, i Tell you ! :-) and it can only get Cuter..

  4. Krish I think that helpless animals just bump into you.. maybe they sense you will surely take care of them:)The numerous homeless kittens, dog pups and also a pigeon that you brought home when you were a kid and looked after well vouch for that.

    Happy and relieved to know that the baby squirell is safe and sound. Keep up the good work:)

    1. Oh that was a group affair chum. It always was Akka, You, Amma and myself who managed to care for them as a group and not just me.. Memorable days na :-) especially blacky and his craze for anlsande upkari and paw-on-feet time.. :D

      Thank you Chum. Will introduce you guys via video chat when he comes home.. :-)

  5. Yeah...the comments from the two of you have brought back nostalgic memories.. The baby pigeon in a cardboard box on the roof in Udupi, the pair of rabbits I got from someone who did not want them and a long line of kittens growing up into ungrateful cats (Of course, not all of them..will never forget how loving Snowy, Brownie, Blackie and Kajli were!) and more recently gold fish! And now here comes Richard Parker, who is surely in a league of his own!

    1. yeah.. :) it does bring back some fond memories na akka.. Especially Brownie and continously in pursuit of 'freedom' and blacky falling from the third floor o.O

      And i believe u missed Lulu.. :) He was probably the best and the most chilled cat we have had.

      I think Richard here is going to open the flood gates to yet another series full of awesome pets.. ;-).. what say u?


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